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See What Others Have Made With Their Paint Box!

Painting Kits gallery of customer art

Take a look at some of the amazing paintings our customers have created using Paint Box. We hope that these will inspire you to pick up the paint brush and palette and dive in.

We are always looking to showcase our customers’ latest works, so please send in a photo of your painting by attaching it to the contact form below or tag us on your Instagram.

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Looking For Ideas?

  Create a family tree of art

Gift a paintbox to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, your partner – whoever you consider to be your nearest and dearest – and display all of their paintings together in a large display in your house. You can even add to the tree as the years go by and your family grows.

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  Send to a distant friend

Maybe you haven’t been able to see a friend or loved one recently, maybe they have moved away? Send them some personalised, hand-made art to display in their home and remind them of your friendship.

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  Children leaving home or off to Uni?

Create a painting memento wall to decorate their new accommodation.  Ask grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends etc. to do a painting to add to the collection to create a wall of love.

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  Plan a painting party

Arrange a get together with all your friends for a fun evening of painting and Prosecco (or Pims).  Or you could send a Paint Box to each of your friends and arrange a virtual party together on Zoom. Share your creations and give each other tips as you each unwind together with a creative activity.

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