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  Where is my confirmation email?

Please check your spam/junk folder. If you do not find it there then please contact us so that we can check we have your correct email address.

  Has my order been dispatched?

When your order is sent you will receive an email with tracking information. Please check your spam/junk folder and if there is nothing there, please contact us with your order number so that we can locate your order.

  Can I change my delivery address?

We will send our products out to the address of your choice as specified in your confirmation email (provided your preferred address is within our delivery zones). Please check these details carefully before you place your order, as we can only alter your delivery address if your parcel has not yet been labelled, which can happen very quickly! This means we cannot always change the address. If you contact us with your order number we will of course do our very best to change the address.

  Can I add a gift note?

When you check out you will be asked if your purchase is a gift. If you click ‘yes’ you will have the option to include a gift card with a personal message.

  Can I add something to my order?

If you have already ordered and checked out, please contact us with your order number. We will then be able to cancel that order so that you can order again with the additional items or changes that you wanted to make. If your parcel has already been dispatched then I am afraid we will not be able to cancel the order and you would have to make a new order for the additional items.

  I would like to cancel my order?

Please email us with your order number and we will cancel your order. If your parcel has already been dispatched then we are afraid we will not be able to cancel the order, please see our returns policy.

  Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and the Channel Islands. We cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes in the U.K. We plan to deliver to the E.U. shortly. If you cannot find your country when checking out then please email us and we will endeavour to process your order manually.

  My parcel is listed as delivered but I have not received it?

Please check to see if your parcel is in your safe place or with a neighbour. Please also check your shipping address was correct and whether the courier has left a failed delivery card. If you still cannot locate your parcel then please contact us with your order number.

  Can I order a kit as a gift, with no prices shown?

Yes, we would love you to give our kits as presents. When you check out, you will need to click that your parcel includes a gift, write a gift card if you would like to and your parcel will arrive without a copy of the invoice. The invoice will be emailed to the email address you give us. Our kits are beautifully packaged and presented so ideal as gifts.

  Do you gift wrap your kits?

Our kits and parcels come beautifully packaged so that even if you buy it for yourself, it feels special when you receive it. You do not need to order extra gift wrapping but you can add extra products to make it even more exciting!

  Some items seem to be missing?

In the unlikely event that items are missing, please contact us with your order number and we will get them sent out to you.

  My parcel or the contents are damaged?

If your parcel arrives damaged or the contents are damaged, please contact us with your order number and photos that clearly show what is damaged and we will see what we can do to help.

  I would like to return my order?

If you would like to return your order, please contact us with your order number and put ‘Return’ in the subject line of your email. We will respond with all the information you need and with the address where you return your order. Please make sure that your order number is written clearly on the outside of the parcel when you send your order back to us (see returns policy).

  I am a beginner, are your kits suitable for me?

Absolutely! Our kits are designed for any level and are beginner friendly. You can start with a simple design and as you get more confident, if you feel you would like to, move to more complicated paintings! Have a look at our gallery and video tutorials for inspiration.

  How do I start?

A blank canvas can be both exciting and daunting! Look at our gallery and video tutorials (coming soon). Decide what you would like to paint; you could sketch out a rough idea on some paper beforehand. You can then either trace a design, draw freehand or simply just paint. Painting is a form of self-expression so there is no right or wrong way to do it. Most of all, have fun!

  Do I need to have anything else to start painting?

All you will need is your imagination and an old jam jar or glass of water to rinse your brushes in. Everything else is provided in your kit. You might like to wear an apron to protect your clothes.

  How do I access your video tutorials?

Our video tutorials are available on At the top of each page of our website you can see a tab for both the gallery and video tutorials, which you can then access from our site.

  Can I paint over work I have done but don’t like?

Yes, absolutely! The beauty with acrylic paint is that once your unwanted work is fully dry, you can either paint over it with white, let that dry and start again, or simply paint over the previous version as it is. Acrylics layer beautifully so you can layer on top and keep changing the look.

  How quickly does the paint dry?

This depends on how thickly you have painted. It dries relatively quickly and you can speed the drying process up by using a hairdryer on a warm setting. It is usually fully dry after about an hour.

  Can I use other paints on the canvases?

You can use other acrylics or oils. Our canvases are prepared for either paint medium.

  Can I use other paints with the paints in the kit?

You can mix any acrylic paint with ours and they should work well together. You can also use other mediums such as oils, collage, embellishments and our biodegradable glitter to add to the finish of your paintings.

  How do I clear up once I have finished painting?

Acrylic paint is water soluble. All brushes, paint palettes or palette knives can be washed with water. The paint should wipe off with a damp cloth from most hard surfaces too.

  Can I order extra paints or canvases?

Absolutely! You can order extra paints, different paint sets, more canvases and any other product on our site. Our kits have everything you need but should you want more of anything you can add them to your kit or buy them separately.

  How can I send my painted canvases to friends and family?

Once your paintings are dry, you can easily send them either in a standard padded envelope or in one of our Paint Box envelopes (coming soon). It’s a lovely way to stay in contact with friends and loved ones.

  Are your paints toxic?

Our paints are non-toxic and can be used by most, children should always be supervised.

  How do I hang my works on the walls?

Once your paintings are dry you can either use a standard picture hook, a nail or our 3M picture hanging kits which are designed to let you hang your pictures without causing any damage to your walls.




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